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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 18, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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bill, what's up? bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> said that she listens to fox and fox encourages listeners to taser these meetings. that is an abject lie. bill: more chaos for obama care and for the economy. fox news is right in the middle of it. >> i didn't know fox news would be a part of this issue. bill: we'll have a number of reports. >> sometimes to meow reilly makes a lot of sense. >> hello? >> hello, hello, hello. the mcdonald's happy meal. >> wow! bill: the peta people are targeting kids who eat at mcdonald's. they have an unhappy meal. we will tell you all about it. >> i remember being at a new year's eve party with you many years ago. >> that wasn't me.
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[ laughter ] >> yes, it was. you just all night rolled these perfect joints i have ever seen. >> i'm an artist. bill: actor brad pitt continues to say well dubious things. the culture warriors are on the case. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching out tonight. if you can believe, there is even more chaos over obama care and the economy. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. over the weekend, health secretary kathleen sebelius said that the public health care option is not essential. and that means the secretary was signalling the white house may be backing away from government-run health care. however, within 24 hours, the white house said ms. sebelius had, quote, misspoke. now, whenever you hear that you know there is trouble.
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ms. sebelius is not the type of person to misspeak. she is almost robotic in her presentation. what likely happened is that hard core liberals like howard dean and paul krugman heard sebelius and went nuts because the far left fervently wants the government to run the nation's healthcare system. that's because the feds can then redistribute income much easier. shifting resources to the poor and away from corporations and the affluent. it's important that you understand the whole controversy, it's not really about health care. it's about socialism. and dean and krugman are the poster boys for that talking points watched president obama in colorado on saturday and, once again, i had no idea what the president was talking about. he went on and on about health care and all kinds of stuff. that seemingly only he understands. it's kind of a like a polster can he see it nobody else can. if president obama wants more fairness in the health care industry and there should be? he has got to come up with five bullet points that even i can understand. that's a tall order.
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five things that clearly tell us what obama care would do. and i will tell you what, he can forget about the public option. it's not going to happen. even a liberal congress will not pass a huge federal entitlement when the country is on the verge of bankruptcy. in addition, new gallup poll out today says 57% of americans do not believe the stimulus package is working. and a new fox news poll says 72% of americans want unused stimulus money back. now, that's a powerful 1-2 punch to mr. obama's vision. most americans are apparently fearful about health care and the economy. unlike some others, i do not think barack obama is an evil men bent on destroying america. i just think he has lost control of the process. the rap on obama from the jump is that he had little policy experience are we not seeing that now? this health care initiative is a fiasco. and most clear-thinking americans know it it's time for the white house to regroup, rethink, and wise up. and that's the memo.
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now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from los angeles, fox news analyst tammy bruise and radio talk show host leslie marshal. all right, leslie. where am i going wrong? >> well, there has to be a public option. and certainly i disagree with you, bill, that this is going to go through. three out of four plans in both the house and the senate include a public option. without a public option, there really isn't any health care reform because what the public is saying is if i'm not insured i want as access. if i can't afford what i have i want an optional plans that's more afford dible. >> i met her. i have a lot of respect for her. i would agree with you not that she is robotic but she definitely shoots from the hip. i do feel that perhaps she misspoke when she was saying the president would be satisfied with that because i don't see how kiwi have have health care reformation without the public option fssments we don't have the public option, bill, we vft same amount of people uninsured than we have right now. >> that's not necessarily true. they can do a co-opt thing and
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bunch of other things incentives and things like that to bring more people in the health care tent. how desee this, tammy. >> obviously, also, if he gave some of the stimulus money back which we are asking for. maybe some people could afford to buy their own health insurance, thank you very much. i think what you are seeing with the back and forthness on the public option is that barack obama is no longer even in charge of his own party. they have lost control of the process as you have noted. and this is important. because as i have been saying for quite some time, when they believe they have sole possession of the truth, they don't have a plan b to make up for something goes wrong. that is not the way that you govern. now, what we are also seeing here for barack obama is this incessant need to win, regardless of whether or not it's good. and really at this point, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. if there is the public option in, it will fail. if it's not, the democrats themselves will kill it that's where the american people win. it's a combination of the town halls. >> i don't know if there is
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enough far left loons to do that. leslie do you know who senator kent conrad is? >> actually, i do. he was the co-op proposers which i think is no offense to senator conrad ridiculous. >> he was on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace yesterday. conrad backed up sebelius. and basically said, look. there is no way even though leslie marshal wants it, leslie desperately wants it. there is no way it's going to happen. well aren't there. blue dogs aren't going for it american people aren't going for it they don't want a big government takeover of the health care industry. even though you want it, leslie, krugman wants it. howard dean wants it, not going to happen because the votes around there. so, conrad says it, sebelius says it. obama doesn't say anything directly. and i'm telling you, he has lost, as tammy just said, he has lost control of the process right now, leslie. he has lost it. >> i don't agree that he has
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lost it and i don't agree that the democrats -- democrats are going to, you know, continue to be fragmented. i think that they need to unite. i think they will unite. >> having been united by this time, going on now for five weeks, all right? they haven't union nighted by this time, are you going to lords to prayer for this? is that what you are doing? there is nothing -- you are basing your knowledge. >> i'm not catholic, bill. bill: go ahead, tammy. bill: let tammy jump in. >> one point. s. that the american people have seen that in addition do him losing this process, every other thing, every other major initiative he has -- that's gone under his pen has failed. the stimulus, the cash for clunkers, the liberal democrat today said only 2% paid out on that. reject that american people
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barack obama doesn't know what to do about that. he is going to get a life lesson like no other. >> i don't think it's fair to say the stimulus has failed yet. the data is just not in yet. at the end of the year, i think you could say that obviously the american people don't have any confidence in it the poll today says that the gallup poll says that obviously they don't have it. but the economy, it's still wobbling but the experts on wall street say it's coming back. i don't know. leslie, look, i'm going to give you 30 seconds and tammy 30 seconds. i agree with tammy that president obama is now officially in trouble. you say what to that? >> i don't think obama is in trouble. i think the american public needs to stop being fearful by misinformation and that how are you going to have 500 co-opt programs control a health care program when it comes to funding it and dispensing it. bill: i don't know. policy at this point. tammy, you wrap it up.
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>> it's impossible. the american people realize that this situation is in error. that last year's election was in error. what barack obama needs to do is figure out how to actually be truthful with the american people and other polls said 72% of us don't believe he is telling us the truth. that is a very serious dynamic and the white house seems to be completely disconnected from what's happening. bill: all right. ladies. thanks very much. we appreciate the discussion. next on the rundown, the press continues to give john edwards complete pass for possibly criminal behavior. we will compare that to what south carolina governor mark sanford went through. later, dubious comments from brad pitt. the cull purr bicycle, i've missed you. gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride. with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ .
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bill: impact segment tonight, television station in north carolina john edwards he fathered a child with his police mist truss a woman who testified in front of a grand jury last week. he is in big trouble because there are allegations he used campaign money to pay his mistress not to go public with the situation. but amazingly, the national press pretty much ignored the edwards' story. compare this to the frenzy that surrounded governor mark sanford's affair with an argentinian woman. what's going on. joining us is lindsey stacy and fell his ellis henican. i hold in my hand data on the
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reportage on edwards last week when this story broke. nothing. [ laughter ] the network news nothing. >> you say nobody picked it up. bill: you have got a grand jury proceeding that could put the man in jail for quite some time. you have got the mistress hauling a baby into the grand jury will we'll see that child in a minute. you have got a guy whose wife just wrote a best seller about her struggle with cancer and infidelity that her husband hoisted upon her and you have no coverage at all, ellis? what's this all about. >> i love a great sex scandal about a former politician. bill: this is a criminal story. >> it ought to be covered as a criminal story as soon as there are criminal stuff that you can actually report. bill: grand jury investigation mistress with a baby walking in. >> i don't have any problem with your analysis that says that one thing got a lot more coverage than another thing. that's clearly true. bill: why did it happen? >> there are a bunch of reasons. it's a little more complicated than you are suggesting.
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one is that edwards was basically irrelevant figure that when the story broke. bill: former vice presidential candidate. >> ex, ex, ex. story wife who did have cancer. do we really have to pile on to this family? bill: what about the sanford family three teenage boys? where was the humanitarian aspect there? >> all families suffer in these kind of circumstances. bill: right. >> other aspect of it is sanford handled it particularly badly. coming out with the appalachian trail. bill: i'm going to get to you in a minute. sanford handled it badly? >> horrible. bill: edwards went on abc news and lied. right in front of the camera. he said i didn't do anything. it's not my kid. sanford handled it badly? >> in running around in the bathroom in the hotel in beverly hills wasn't too bright either. bill: that was edwards. >> come on. you are shooting this full of holes it is almost exactly the
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same in the media didn't cover it nearly the same. why? >> because edwards is old news. you can throw him out with last week's fish. who cares? i mean, even his wife. bill: he is a big politician. >> was, was, was. bill: his wife is a best-seller. >> how can you compare what this story is with a guy who went to argentina and said he was walking the appalachian trail? bill: i don't believe you. governor of south carolina, nobody knows him. >> governor as opposed to. bill: nobody knows him. >> expolitician. wait a minute, suppose there had been a hurricane or a tornado in his state when he was gone, who was going to declare a state of emergency? he was walking the appalachian trail. you stay out of this for a minute. >> i can't believe. this. >> he was such a liar? edwards goes on abc. he looks into the camera and -- i can't believe you.
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>> he is old news. this guy is -- wait a minute. are you saying it's because is he a democrat? >> i'm saying it's because the press is corrupt. that's what i'm saying. >> wait. so they didn't cover mcgreevey when he got nailed. they didn't cover. bill: mcgreevey was a local story. >> mcgreevey was a local story? what about spitzer? was that a local story. bill: spitzer was big because it was criminal act -- activity. the same thing that edwards has. >> no because it's a salacious sex candle. bill: the woman was all over the place. you are dodging. this you both know. >> we are not dodging this. bill: you both know this story is equal. edwards and sanford is equal and the press isn't covering it. >> here is the part where he is right, i think. there is one part where you are right. edwards has treated people in the media well. he is like a decent guy. people don't hate him. he treats people with respect. sanford, even the republicans in south carolina can't stand this guy. bill: it's personal. >> it is personal. it's a lesson in life. you treat people nice and when
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you are in a jam, they tend to be a little easier on you. bill: he was an s.o.b. to us. >> you may be an exception. bill: and we were nice to him. >> but in general the lesson is be nice to people and they will be nice to you back when you need it. bill: here is the lesson, of the press is corrupt in america. if they can get a republican, they will get him. >> what about mcgreevey? what about spitzer? what about all those people? bill: what this is about, you guys need to know this because this is absolutely true. if a republican conservative gets in any kind of trouble at all, the press is going to work that person over to the maximum they can. if a liberal democrat gets in trouble, they are going to get a pass. as much as they can -- >> they do have a problem on the republican side. bill: nobody ever can commit a sin on the ear side of the aisle, the g.o.p. side because they stand for something that's ridiculous. >> that leaves you open to na na na na that.
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that means everybody has so shut up unless they are jesus. that's crazy. >> don't pretend. >> this is why they did it it was that, na na na na. bill: criminal deal. >> it was salacious. bill: we didn't cover the edwards story because of his wife. we let it go. but now the hypocrisy is overwhelming. linda, ellis, thank you. directly ahead, should president obama stop talking? is he making everything worse? and then, peta and the kids who eat at mcdonald's there is major controversy here. unhappy meals are flying. right back.
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bill: juan williams our monday
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beenical duo have listening carefully to my per officer cacious remarks. economy edwards and sanford. here they are mary katharine is in raleigh, north carolina. and in juan is in washington. we will begin with you. what about president obama, sebelius, doesn't this say that the president has indeed lost control of this whole health care process? >> yeah. in fact, he has not only lost control, he has yet to assert himself to take control which is, to me, of greater concern. why hasn't he taken control of this process. and driven it. bill: how can you say that when he is running around the country doing town hall meetings, new hampshire, montana colorado. >> no, no, no. bill: come on. >> he is playing kevin's, -- defense. he is not playing offense. which is something you noted in the memo. here is what i stand for. bill: give me five bullet points. >> exactly. let me show you what i stand for and why this is going to make it better for you, the american consumer. bill: he can't do it, juan. >> he hasn't yet. evidence is a smart guy.
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that's a capable individual. bill: what do you say mary katharine? >> he is in super salvage mode right now. he is the guy out there. he was selling the public option but when people hear public option, they also hear government run health care. seniors here in order to pay for this government run health care, you are going to cut my programs. so he is running into serious problems here. and he is out there trying to salvage them. part of the reason is because he has been talking in generalities the whole time. he hasn't gotten down to nuts and bolts with congress and said, listen, this is what i want. he has let hem them run away with the process. these august town halls i think probably have solidified the fact that there are not the votes for a public option. bill: let me set the scene. on saturday it was warm and sunny on long island, and i had an opportunity to go to the beach but, before i went to the shore, i turned on the television set and there was president obama in grand junction, colorado, a town i know very well. and he was in front of the folks and they were regular folks, these people.
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and i listened for, i timed it, 17 minutes. any, mary katharine, understand a word the man said. now, the crowd was very polite. three of them passed out but they didn't say much. now, is it me, mary katharine? am i the dope? >> no. i think the sales job is really, really bad here. and the white house just sort of assumed that barack obama could say these things over and over and they would come to be. but that is not the way the politics works. the sales job is -- has been very, very bad. bill: i don't know what he is talking about. how much damage has this done to president obama's administration administration? >> it's hurt him badly. you know, his approval numbers are still very strong. don't be mistaken. is he still a very popular president in this country. it's hurt him in terms of this health care legislation through and it comes back to the numbers debate about the economy. americans think the economy is
5:25 am
not picking up in terms of employment. spooked by the deficit and they think it's going to. inflation to come. they are worried about anything. obama hasn't laid out. crazy stuff like. bill: sure they do. >> grandma is going to have the plug pulled. rationing care, social lived medicine. >> rationing care is utterly unreasonable. bill: britain and canada they have unrationed care. so i think that's unreasonable. you have to admit, mary katharine, that there is a lot of craziness going on. and you know, whenever you have a debate like this it's crazy. >> there is certainly overblown rhetoric going on i think on both sides. moving forward, i think obama is going to have to kabul this co-opt thing and sort of sell it to blue dogs. it's not a government run. bill: it makes my head hurt. co-opt.
5:26 am
this, that. just do what i do. just bullet point them down. explain it. >> that would be great. bill: so even i can understand it. i don't want to hear this b.s. anymore. >> good advice. go for it. that's what he should be doing. bill: mary katharine is in north carolina, the belly of the beast for john edwards. i'm telling you that the edwards and the stanford story are pretty much the same, but the national media doesn't treat it the same as i ha lewisating. >> you are not ha lewisating. i'm with you 100%. i think it's because is he a democrat. the things they were missing in earlier story he was a has been by the time the story broke. here is the deal, the story would have broken while he was a candidate while he was a republican. the liberal press stayed away from it so it didn't break until he was a has been. now what's going on is the media is betting his come back eventually because they are not reporting on -- and showing. bill: there is no comeback.
5:27 am
he is done. >> you will see four years from now you will see. bill: no, it's over. >> come on. that guy -- bill: thank god. >> oh, my god. bill: only people suffering because john edwards will not run again are the hair spray people that's it. everybody else -- >> is he history. i can't believe that. bill: at one point, there were more than 100 reporters in alaska trying to dig up dirt on sarah palin. more than 100. you can't tell me that the media is fair and honest in this country anymore, juan. >> fear and honest, i don't think that's true that they are fair and honest. i would agree with you on that. if you are trying to use this case. look, i don't know john edwards is a little bit of history already. if he talks and you are a bold fresh piece of humanity, o'reilly, you should be getting him on this show. bill: i might send waters down to get him. we went down once before and i stalked to the people who lived across the street. he has the big mansion and the trailer park. >> yeah. he was saying people living under bridges. you know what?
5:28 am
that's what got to be -- if that happens or he is indicted, big news, national news, you will get your story across every front page. >> mary katharine, juan, thanks very much. here are the results from our bill o' poll. do you think a health care bill will be passed in year? 40,000 voted. 20% say yes. whopping 80% say no, it won't get done. here he is. our new bill o' poll question. which agency do you trust the least? select one. "new york times." cnn,. >> there is plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. animal rights people telling kids not to eat at mcdonald's passing out unhappy meals to make their point. then actor brad pitt causing controversy. the culture warriors are a bicycle, i've missed you. gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air. but with the strength of zyrtec ® , the fastest, 24-hour allergy relief, i promise not to wait as long to go for our ride.
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with zyrtec ® i can love the air ™ .
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in 1977, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours?
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1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the u.s. open once twice? 1 in 1.2 billion. the odds of him having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs at bill: everybody knows that eating a steady diet of fast food sun healthy. once in a while a happy meal makes the kids happy. if the kids are happy, that's a good thing, especially if you are a parent. enter the animal rights people at peta, they do not like the happy meal. and are putting out some unhappy meals. featuring a knife-wielding ronald mcdonald. among other things. joining us now from sacramento, california. peta vice president cathy guromo. bill: you have got parents mad at you. saying leave my kids alone.
5:32 am
they want to eat a happy meal fries and a burger say. >> what kids are are pretty savvy these days. they would probably want to know behind the happy meal is a lot of unhappiness. birds from mcdonald's suppliers have their bones broken. they may be abused by workers. they unfortunately end up put alive into a so-calling tank of water. we think this something compass that the kids want to know. >> you know not a pretty thing. been going on for sen tris. you know, thousands of years. you slaughter animals for food consumption by the human race. i don't think anybody. >> there is a better way to do. bill: i don't think anybody celebrates it. but it is the natural cycle of events. now, you are trying to change eating habits now. you don't want anybody to eat meat at all by, you know, basically terrorizing children who go to mcdonald's. don't you think that's a little
5:33 am
bit much? >> well, i think i have three kids and i know any day of the week they would turn on the television and see worse than this. but, more importantly, there is a better way to do. this there is something called contained atmospheric killing and mcdonald suppliers in europe already do it. it would be easy for mcdonald's demand that with suppliers here. bill: that's ok with me if you wanted to make a point to mcdonald's or whatever food distribute ter you are angry with that they can do it in a more humane way. i'm probably going to support that but to give out an unhappy meal to children ronald mcdonald with a knife, ketchup stained blood, you know, come on. you and i have said this to peta representatives before. you do more harm to your organization by overdoing this play. yes, you get on the program. yes, you are get public i will tell you what my mail tomorrow is going to run 10 to 1 begins. now when people think of peta
5:34 am
they think you are a bunch of loons. i don't know why you continue to do. this silence is literally death for animals. when you talk about what peta does, let's take a look what mcdonald does. they push their unhealthy food brightly colored box and put a toy in it and call it nice. there is a lot of cruelty in it. it's unhealthy. this is one way of getting the point across to compassionate children and their parents that there is a better way to do this. bill: isn't there a better way to get the point across than to taser kids to make them feel bad. look, you went to albany, new york. a bunch of parents were so outraged they said bad things about peta. i don't have a problem with anybody eating at mcdonald at all it's a freedom of choice issue. i respect your freedom of choice to bring out that maybe the food distribution could be done in a better way. i think that's healthy. all right? i don't have any problem with americans go to mcdonald's and
5:35 am
eating. that's what freedom is all about. if they want to do that. if they want to eat, you know a fat laden meal once in a while, fine. kids like it once in a while doesn't hurt. >> if they are going to do that then at least tell them what the truth is behind it it's fag packaged in such a way now kids have no idea. when kids find out that there is cruelty behind the mcnuggets that those animals were dropped alive in a so-calling vat of water by the suppliers that's something they are going to want to do something about. this is a way of empowering kids to make changes in their lives for the better. this is one way to do it. bill: thanks ever for the debate. we appreciate it culture warriors on more bad parenting. wait until you see. this this kid is actually driving his father's car. brad pitt talking about his pot days. then, quite a motion at a georgia town hall meeting. >> said that she listens to fox and fox encourages listen everywheres to taser at these
5:36 am
meetings. that is abject lie. bill: it is a lie. we have that
5:37 am
5:38 am
bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the culture warrior segment tonight, actor brad pitt promoting a film already said he might run for office on anti-marriage pro-gay marriage
5:39 am
ticket. now is he yuking can up with bill maher about past drug use. >> i remember being at a new year's eve party many years ago. >> that wasn't me. >> yes, it was. and you were on the floor -- not on the floor-no, no. i said that wrong. you just happened -- certainly you were very sober. but you just all night rolled these perfect joints. [ laughter ] the most per jecket joints i have ever seen. like a machine. like a cigarette. sit was better than a cigarette. >> i'm an artist. >> you are an artist. [cheers and applause] and now you gave it up. why do you that? >> yeah. i'm a dad now. you want to be alert. bill: here now the culture warriors gretchen carlson and margaret hoover. joe califano heads the casa drug rehab not rehab but the drug think-tank at columbia university. he has got a new book out
5:40 am
califano does and i recommend it. he says marijuana addiction is the biggest problem of all substance abuse for kids. american teenagers, younger adults, college kids. they see a guy like pitt, they like pitt. pitt identifies -- he is accepted in that world. saying this. i'm saying to myself that's not so good what do you say. >> a guy who makes segments about good parenting. the real story here where celebrities gram rise drug use. the real story here is he said he quit so he could be a responsible parent with 42% of americans who have tried pot and they see this guy, a role model who says, look, i'm not doing it anymore. they are all under 7. it's not responsible. bill: that overrides in your upon yuking it up and all of that? >> you know why? it was seven minute interview and they spent 40 seconds talking about. this so it's not like i miss doing drugs so much. bill: i didn't get the big anti-pot message there from brad
5:41 am
pitt. >> i didn't get the big anti-pot message and i did get honesty which by the way is unusual. which he 'fessed up to it. bill: i think pitt is an honest guy. >> the most important thing for me here is he finally did get it after he became a parent. that's the right time to finally get it he did say he wants. bill: i'm not so sure. i want to see. >> this is a relation for a lot of people. bill: i know what the reality is more than anything else. >> honesty to me is important. bill: i want to see hollywood people, musicians this and that say look, did i it, here is how it hurt me. and here is why maybe you should think about it. i never hear that. i never ever -- it's always yeah, we had a great time. but now i'm a super dad, i'm not going to do in t. anymore. not maybe you want to rethink and not get started because, pitt gave it up and he seems to be ok although i think is he a pinhead a little bit other
5:42 am
people don't. other people get in trouble. >> there are p.s.a.'s made by celebrities. bill: who? who? >> i don't know i am talking about. bill: i sound like an owl. who? >> i can't name one. bill: if you can't name one they don't exist. >> well, another network. >> in an age you have hasselhoff in youtube relapsing in front of his kid drunk. celebrities doing drugs with their kids. brad pitt saying you know what i stopped because i want to be a good dad and i can't be with my kids if i'm high. bill: i think it could have been done more strenuously. a tape from canada. father gets his 7-year-old son in the car. roll the tape and there it is. this kid is going, what, 40 miles per hour in the car. no seat belt. father is there. ok? now, the quebec authorities are investigating, of course. because this is ridiculous.
5:43 am
they throw it on the internet as always. i'm saying to myself, you know, something is changing about parenting in america, carlson, in canada, in western civilization. something is changing. i can't put my finger on it. got the rest of the family. they are in the car. gretchen: there is the most defense shot in the car. bill: the hat on sideways. >> none of the kids have seat belts on. this, bill, is all about the internet. i don't necessarily think that this wasn't going on on the country road 20 years ago. this was probably going on. bill: you think so? >> yes. the difference for me on this one. bill: 7 years old. >> probably. the difference for me is that the internet has glorified all of this as people put it on youtube because they want to be famous. bill: they did it for that reason. >> so they do stupid stuff for that. bill: what do you say? >> i don't agree with carlson more in an age where the internet is everywhere. >> i can't believe we have each
5:44 am
calling each other by the last names. in an age where the internet is everywhere. indelible records of irresponsibility for parenting because people want to be famous exactly like she said. bill: i hate to admit that the culture warriors are probably right on this that the lure of the some kind of the exposure on the internet overrides common sense. gretchen: not to say that he shouldn't face charges, the parents should face. >> authorities, i wouldn't put him in jail but i would slap him with a fine or something. ladies, thanks very much. we appreciate it in a moment, a health care shootout in georgia. >> it's about telling the truth and telling lies. you told a lie, ma'am. bill: and she did. we will tell you what that lie was. show you reaction to it in reality check. right back with it as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world. does your mouthwash work in six different ways?
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bill: reality check timid flee but the truth seekers prosper. not all health care town meetings are against obama care. in saturday in georgia. democratic congressman david scott hosted a meeting where many of the folks supported the president and at least one attacked fox news. >> she said she listens to fox and fox encourages listeners to terrorize these meetings. >> that is an abject lie.
5:49 am
encourage anyone to taser i'm going to be on fox news tonight tonight with geraldo. fox news is the number one cable station probably in the world. bill: check 2. last thursday town hall featured a bunch of acorn people. fox producer griff jenkins reports the acorn people were bused in to support health care, of course that's an example of organized action in favor of obama care. in pennsylvania. the far left move on organization also mobilizing people to support obama care. we don't have a beef with that. but you won't hear any criticism from the press. check three. nbc news continues to support the president just about every way at their headquarters in manhattan. the nbc store is selling obama merchandise. dolls, shirts, mugs, you can get
5:50 am
them all at the nbc store. didn't see any sarah palin stuff there. huh-uh. didn't see bold fresh. but they may have been sold out. sure. nbc store. check 4. republican congressman john colbert son went on nbc to debate health care. >> no one opinions say yes or no. >> of course not. medicare is a program. >> it's not socialism. tell me why because it's old it's not socialism? because it was done in the 1960's? tell me what is not socialism about medicare? >> lawrence, you know, for your listeners you are illustrating why msnbc' viewrpship is in the tank because you don't allow your people you are interviewing to answer the question. bill: that's just one of the reasons. check five. on cbs katie couric saw the town hall meetings this way. >> at a town meeting hosted by senator arlen specter, a pennsylvania resident stood up to say that the health care debate has awakened the sleeping
5:51 am
giant. not exactly. what it's done, it seems is stirred a hornet's nests and uncovered disturbing attitudes and notions that have nothing to do with policy. check sees it differently than miscouric. some the angry are flat out frightened by the chaos surrounding this important issue. and they are venting. that is totally legitimate. i wonder if they sell obama stuff in the cbs store. check six, 40 years ago today the woodstock festival was rocking. ♪ what would you do ♪ if i sang out of key -- tune ♪ would you stand up ♪ lend me your ears ♪ and i'll sing you a song ♪ i will try not to sing out of key ♪ oh, baby ♪ i will get by with a little help from my friends
5:52 am
♪ well,. bill: not many people know this but that was brit hume 40 years ago. it was joe cocker. i almost went to woodstock but i couldn't leave my job painting houses because i needed money for college. instead of lsd i had l.p. latex paint. it seems unfair but that's the way it was 40 years ago today. check 7, far left gutter snipe paul ba gala is living up to his reputation recently discussing newt gingrich giving advice to sarah palin. >> here's the problem. he's trying to treat her like she is a serious person. she's not. she's about half a whack job and she does not have the intellectual heft of a newt gingrich or almost anyone else in the republican party and i think she has proved that i admire newt gingrich for pretending that she is a serious person but sarah palin has proven herself to be flaky and intellectual light weight. bill: i wonder if they sell obama stuff in the cnn store. we will find out. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck
5:53 am
featuring yet another attack on fox news. wait until you hear this. right back. . .
5:54 am
bill: time now for "pinheads and patriots." yankee shortstop derek jeter is heading to the hall of fame and has more hits than any shortstop in major league history. it is jeter's demeanor that separates him from many athletes. he's a hard-working,
5:55 am
responsible man and does a the lo of charitable work and is an excellent role model for children. because of that, not his playing skills, derek jeter is a patriot. on the socialist front bernie sanders, who admits he's a socialist unlike howard dean, is not a big fan of fox news. >> we need to do grassroots organizing and i'll tell you what else we need to do, we need to understand it is very hard for the president or anybody else to take on not just the republican party, that's the easy part, to take on all of right-wing talk radio which covers 90% of talk show hosts, a whole fox network which is nothing more than an arm of the republican party. bill: listen, bernie, here's the deal. stop talking like that because it's false. and senator sanders is a pinhead and also refused to come on "the factor" for a while, used to. that's another pinhead move. finally tonight, the mail. you continue to be amazed at how well our patriot line is selling on bill o' the american patriot line. you can only get them here.
5:56 am
this is perfect stuff to wear to the beach or at a health care town hall meeting. please remember we sell this merchandise to make you happy and i give all the money i get from to charity. bill: you know, my job is to watch the powerful and what we have here is unprecedented in
5:57 am
america. a powerful corporation g.e. owns a powerful media division, nbc, and those concerns, both of them, have actively promoted barack obama. now g.e. is seeking billions in government contracts after having already received more than a billion in federal low cost loans and i'm supposed to move on from this story? come on. bill: please keep me posted and please stay safe over there.
5:58 am
bill: i can say, if the shirt fits, wear it. bill: for our overseas viewers the best place is or and -- bill: i'm sending you "kids are americans, too." "bold fresh" will be on the times list next sunday after 41 weeks. i thank you all. and email us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world at name a town, name a town, name a town if you wish to opine even from afghanistan. here's the word of the day when writing to us do not be nugatory. i didn't know what nugatory meant and now i do and you
5:59 am
will, too, when you look it up. "the factor" continues 24/7. we'll see you premium members gretchen: good morning, everyone. tuesday, already, august 18, 2009. thank you for sharing your time with us today. many americans claim they don't want it, but if government-run health care gets taken off the table, some democratic lawmakers say they're going to revolt. who they are and do they represent you? steve: meanwhile, with winds topping near 100 miles an hour hurricane bill storms toward the u.s.a. what lies in its path? stick with us for the very latest as we track bill. there it is right there spinning out in the atlantic. brian: sideline princess exposed bring a peeping tom. this timerin andrews is choosing to pose for some dirty pictures


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